Thanks for stopping by and giving us a look. We are hunters first and then a hobby breeder who raises just a few litters a year. As a hunter, I want to hunt over a dog who is wanting to please and easy to train with high prey/bird drive. Natural point and retrieve is a must have for a good bird dog.

I own only a few Brittanys and have done my homework and researched the bloodlines to find dogs that are my hunting companions. I found and purchased the best bloodlines with Hall of Fame dogs that are not only proven dogs, but are also proven producers. I am breeding top AKC Field Champion lines to the top NSTRA lines to produce the best of both worlds. I do NOT run any trials with my dogs except for the AKC Hunt Test for Pointers where my dogs are titled.

That's right! I hunt all my dogs so I only have puppies in the spring and summer. Iusallyhave a waiting list for my puppies before they are whelped. I also keep a puppy or two out of each of litter to start myself. This allows me to make sure that the puppies I put on the ground are what I would want to hunt over. I usually offer these few started dogs for sale before the next litter is born.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Steve Pickard

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