Submitted by: Woody Jones

I run 2 Brittanys in NSTRA and have for at least 10 years. Steve and I often meet and run our dogs together. The new Mom (Shadow) not only is a sweet dog, but all go power. She simply works, works, works the whole time she is on the ground. Matching her up with Bullet was a good thing; only good dogs can come from that.

Submitted by: Sam Hathcock

I bought one of Steve's puppies two yrs ago after much thought and deliberation , because my expectations were so high....I have to admit , Colt(my pups name)was a startling/plesant surprise to me...First pup I had ever owned that was practically "gun broke" from the start(4mo) , backed naturally and held point naturally...I was amazed and still am...Now after his second full hunting season , training to steady him to wing and shot(and I Am Not a professional trainer)...His pups are great...Can't go wrong IMHO

Submitted by: Richard Garrett

After losing my lab I spent a long time deciding what breed I wanted to replace her with. I couldn't have made a better choice of breed or breeder/trainer. Steve chose my puppy Dixie from his litter based on what I wanted to do with her and how I wanted to live with her. He gave me a started dog that perfectly fits my lifestyle . She is great in the field and great around the house which is what I wanted. She's very smart and quick to learn and please. You can't find better dogs or breeder/trainer than Steve.

Submitted by: Gil Stacy

When my wife's cousin heard I was looking for a well-bred Brittany from hunting and field trial lines, Abbot recommended Steve. He has a male from one of Bullet's earlier litters. I couldn't be happier with Abby who is a litter mate to Sam's Colt. I hunted her in her first year, and I was both pleased and surprised with her instincts and drive. She is progressing to steady to wing and shot. She has hunted two seasons and I can't wait for next bird season. More importantly, she is a family dog of the first order and couldn't be more affectionate or sweeter.

Submitted by: Joe Briggs

First of all I can't tell you how amazed we are with Riggins each and every day. He and I have now done over 150 miles on the Appalachian trail. Blair's Mom who has hated Dogs all her life watches Rigins when we have to work and snuggles him on the couch much to her entire families utter amazement. She even taught him to take trash over and place it in the bin. I also took him out to my Families ranch in Idaho over Christmas and he even managed to show my Dad's Chocolate lab up several times, But here the kicker we were hunting Geese over water!!! He had two 50 yrd + swimson two retrieves.I swear the bird was bigger than him. Also My dad shot one goose that managed to land in the main current of the Snake River and of course my dad's lab jumped in and tried to swim after it quickly tiring. He gave up and swam ashore trying to climb up on the worst ice ledge possible. We spent over 20 mins trying to get my Dad's dog to back up on the ice. When we finished dealing with that mess I noticed that Riggins was no where to be seen. Thank god there was snow on the ground because we were able to follow his tracks along the shore for a quarter mile and to our shock…There is Riggins, Standing on the opposite shore with a goose in his mouth, well he was really just holding up the head, we wasn't tall enough to actually hold the bird off the ground. The sheer intelligence of his lineage was on perfect display right there. We called him thinking he would jump in and swim right there but he ran 200 yrd up the river and swam across at the slowest section of the river where there was very little ice and dropped the goose at my feet. It was simply amazing and now my Dad doesn't say one word about the superiority of labs when it comes to hunting….

Submitted by: Jim Schultz

Steve, once again wanted to thank you for the great dogs that you have, We received Benelli (AKA Miss T) from you through Mike Pinkosky. This is my second hunt with her this year in South Dakota and she did exceptionally well, all natural ability to point, retrieve and working close. With the help of Mike U-train Program I’m Extremely pleased with the ability she has. Attached are pictures of her waiting for her next command and make me proud.She is very loving and well-mannered girl in the house and out in the public. Once again thank you and Mike for such a great dog.

Submitted by:Karl & Julia Heidbrink

We bought our Lucky from Steve after losing our old male Brittany, and we love him. Lucky is destined for AKC Hunt Tests and should do wonderfully. This is a beautiful young male dog and very talented in the field. He points and holds really well for his age, and has lots of personality too!We are thankful that we decided to purchase our next Brittany from Steve. We could not be happier with the way he handles his pups and with the entire transaction. We would buy from Steve again without hesitation!

IMG 1843

Submitted by: Debbie Russo

Thought you would like to see some pictures of Bree hunting. She did a awesome job. Found three of the four birds.Many compliments on how smart and beautiful she is.

photo 3

Submitted by:Burton Dye

Having owned a pointer and a setter from several years past, I found myself wanting another bird dog. Only this time, I was looking for a dog that would be easier to train, with a good bloodline and pedigree. I wanted a dog with good looks and a friendly disposition to go with it. Having known Steve for sometime, I knew he had gotten into breeding brits and I had hunted behind some fine ones in years past. After talking to Steve about my wanting another dog, he introduced me to Bullet and Shadow and told me a little about their background and history. I was sold on the idea of getting a brittany and I told him that day I wanted a pup out of his next litter.

Jake was whelped last May and is now about 15 months old. He is liver and white instead of the orange and white on most brittanys. I had him on birds at about 6 months old and could not believe how much instinct he had. He found the bird. pointed and stopped on my whoa command as I flushed and shot the bird. We had worked prior on the wow training, but everything else came natural. I was amazed at his ability and desire to find birds. He is progressing well with his retrieving and we are working on backing as well as steady to wing and shot. I have been very pleased with Jake thus far and would recommend Steve as a top breeder to anybody looking for a hunting companion..

Submitted by: Philip Dangerfield, Owner of Shadow Attach

Congratulations on your new pups. I ownedShambo, Shadow through his first US Open win, and presently own Tack. That is three generations of pretty good britanys and I am pleased with your enthusiasm for your Tack puppy. I too live in georgia and usually visit theGeorgia club trials but have not been to a local hunt test. I ran Shadow inone Junior Hunter test when he was still a puppy. He ran over the hill andwhen we crested the ridge could be seen about two hundred yards to the frontpointing. He stood there long enough for me to get there,the judge said hehad seen enough, then Shadow knocked the bird and took off. The next time we saw him was on the back of Ray Dohse’s horse being brought back from unknown parts. Good luck with your pups.

Submitted by:Wynn Payne

Just wanted to update you on Trigger. He just turned a year old this month and is growing in to one extraordinary dog. He was trained by 6 months but not until recently was I able to get him in birds and see all his natural ability. Nothing could have prepared me for the thrill of having my dog retrieve to hand the first quail shot over him. That always smiling face with a mouthful of feathers is a picture I'll never forget. He has become my constant companion going to work every day where he is able to interact with employees, students and customers. Often when he prances in to the classroom, I'll hear students hollering for him. He's truly a delight. He learned his basic commands early and I'm still amazed that he will "whoa" of both deer and customers alike. When the discussion of getting him was going on Tena was concerned with the arrangements. Will he be an inside dog? Do you think he'll get on the sofa? We'll Trigger is the only dog that has EVER slept and continues to sleep in our bed. I could go on and on but you get the point. All I can say is thank you. You are producing dogs that anyone would be fortunate to own. I believe your work in finding good lines and extra time with pups will continue to produce outstanding pups.

Submitted by:Robert Powell

Stella is a remarkable dog - her natural hunting instinct and keen attention for birds has made her a joy to train and an exceptional hunting companion for my other Brit. The two of them are amazing together Stella works left to right and Jake works right to left - together they work magic in the field - I can hunt a 40 acre parcel in about an hour and it never fails we get every pheasant that they point. We've had Stella now for over a year, She is a quick learner, when I first got her and introduced her to birds - she instantly went on point.

Very happy with the Stella it’s obvious you care about the new pups home and that it's a good fit. Your Brittany's have exceptional lines and are natural born hunters - eager to please makes them a joy to train and work in the field. Keep breeding for quality of the Brittany Breed as you have a phenomenal bloodline along with your passion and care for these dogs is far superior to any breeder I know.

Submitted by: Matthew Neal

Steve’s pups offer the best combination of natural instinct, drive, and trainability I have ever seen in a gundog. My family has run brittanys for most of my life, mostly hunting pheasants in Western Nebraska and the occasional trip to Kansas for Bobwhite Quail. While I appreciate the efforts of our past dogs, there is not one of our dogs who could match May’s natural hunting ability. May’s first actual point, at 8 months old, came on a Nebraska rooster. After witnessing the staunchness of her point and her drive to retrieve I realized I had something special. Since that first point May has had hunts ranging from quail in Georgia to chucker in Wyoming. She continually surpasses my expectations every time we hunt together. With May being only a 2 year old, I am very excited to see the future she has ahead of her. I strongly recommend and encourage anyone interested in purchasing a gundog to consider a pup from Bullet and Shadow. They will not disappoint.

IMG 1844

Submitted by: Bill Easterlin

I picked up my Brittany, Cash, when he was 11 weeks old. I am fortunate enough to live near the kennel so I could stop by a couple of times a week to see Steve and play with the puppy. Steve had him pointing a flutter at 6 weeks and chasing bird wings by the time I got him home. Cash found and pointed his first quail in October at 5 months old; gun broke the same week and full out hunting that November at 6 months old. We hunted Cash constantly through the season and he never disappointed, frequently out hunting older dogs. Superior drive, incredible nose and a quick learner are my dog’s strong points.

IMG 1832
IMG 1835

Submitted by:Cassie and Luke White

Woody truly is the best dog! From the moment we brought him home he has been the perfect fit for our family! He has yet to meet a stranger (loves people!), is extremely sweet with babies and children, gets along with all dogs (his dog cousins are a male golden, male lab, and female bulldog), and has proved to be an outstanding hunter! Woody has always been quick to learn and obedient. We couldn't ask for a better dog! Thank you so much!

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